Monday, January 21, 2013

Playing at Forever - Michelle Brewer

As soon as I downloaded this book, I knew it was my kind of book. Childhood friends with words left unspoken, meeting as adults with broken lives. They would turn to each other to heal, and would live happily ever after.

For the most part, I got what I was looking for. Unfortunately, it was a bit "clunky" getting there. I spent a majority of the book saying, "Oh my heavens - just kiss each other for crying out loud!" (For the record, I just read two books where the main characters were in bed together by the end of chapter two, and professing eternal, undying love 20 pages later. I actually find the "Kiss the Girl" plot more enjoyable; this just went on a bit longer than I wanted!) Tommy just kept making the same mistakes, and Penny is incapable of saying what she is really thinking, or seeing what the rest of us are seeing. The resolution of the tension was what I wanted, but it was almost too little, too late.

In all, I think this is a promising book from what I gather is a new, first-time author. I loved both of the characters, warts and all. The pacing of the book needed some help, but Michelle Brewer has a voice and and eye (and heart!) for a story that can't be learned. I look forward to future books by this author!

I give this book three hearts, and confident future books will be even better. 

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