Monday, January 21, 2013

No More Wasted Time - Beverly Preston

So many romance novels are written about twenty-somethings just starting their lives. Some of them are restarting their lives, after a messy first attempt. As a mid-forties mother of two married to the love of her life, I enjoy these books, but am always somewhat removed from them.

No More Wasted Time by Beverly Preston is a romance novel that completely breaks that mold. The book opens with Tess boarding a plane for Bora Bora, a favorite destination for her husband and herself. However, instead of traveling with her husband, she is traveling alone, prepared to spread her husband's ashes at the location of so many happy memories. While there, she meets Tom Clemmins. Think: George Clooney. Hot Hollywood actor, never married, in Bora Bora for a quick break with some arm candy. However, once he meets Tess, he sends the arm candy packing, bringing Tess on a journey that takes her - and my - breath away.

No More Wasted Time is about second chances. It's about finding the joy in the moment, even when you think there is no hope for joy left. It's about love, family, and hope.

I absolutely adored this book - I read it three times in less than a month. I kept expecting Tom and Tess to walk into my house, or at least appear on my TV - that is how "real" they are. Both characters are flawed, but in a sincere, honest manner. This is the first book from this author, and I can't wait for the upcoming books in the series.

I give this book five hearts. I would give it six if I could.


  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful review! I've received a few hundred reviews and comments for No More Wasted Time, but a few bring tears to my eyes when I realize how much a reader falls in love with Tess and Tom. This is one of my favorites! ;)
    Happy reading,

  2. Beverly, if this review brought half as much joy to you as the book brought to me, then I'm thrilled. Can't wait for the next book in the series!