Monday, January 28, 2013

Crazy Love - Nicola Marsh

The old adage says, "Don't judge a book by its cover." The cover for Crazy Love by Nicola Marsh looked like a movie poster, which is the main reason I chose to download it. I figured it would be a fast-paced, lively book with strong characters. Fortunately, the book proved the adage wrong - it was exactly what I expected!

Sierra lives in Love. Not a perpetual state of heightened emotion - a town in California. She runs - what else? - an internet dating service. She connected her (fake) uncle with the woman of his dreams...whose son then comes to Love to break up what he perceives as a sign of his mother's insanity. A stranger to Love - the town and the emotion - Marc finds the town initially suffocating, but starts to change his mind the more time he spends with Sierra. Though he spends a week in Love on a bet, he and Sierra find that Love is more than a town.

Crazy Love is another book that helps define the line between independent woman and woman who wants a partner. One of my favorite lines: "She may be a twenty-first century girl who'd burned her bras with the rest of the sisterhood but she could appreciate a chivalrous guy like the next gal." Isn't that the issue for many of us born in the seventies and eighties? We want to be as tough and strong as our mothers/older sisters who were on the front lines of the feminist movement. But we still get all gooey over a guy who opens the door for us, or pays for dinner, or brushes our hair out of our eyes.

Of course, don't think this book is some manifesto on female empowerment. It really is just a fun romantic book. It's a fairly long book, but you would never know - it keeps moving with interesting plot developments around every corner. The sarcastic banter between Marc and Sierra, as well as other characters (I just adore Flo!!) had me laughing out loud. The local restaurant is called Love Shack; while waiting for Sierra to arrive, Marc thinks, "Any minute Ritchie, Potsie and Ralph-Malph would join hi, competing the bizarre scenario." Ralph-Malph. HAH!

This book gets four hearts from me. After reading it, you'll be looking for Love - either the town, the emotion, or the characters from the book.

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