Saturday, February 2, 2013

Love By Design - Liz Matis

The other day, I had a really lousy day at work. The weather is gross, and people are really annoying me. So, I did what any good, conspicuous consumer would do: I went shoe shopping. I had a picture in my mind of the shoes I wanted to get. I didn't know where this picture came from, but was bound and determined to get them, thinking that these shoes would lift my mood. It eventually dawned on me: the shoes were my mental picture of the shoes worn by the main character of Love by Design by Liz Matis!

Victoria Bryce is about to start the second season of a cable design show (think: HGTV). Her friend and cohost, Neil, can't start the season, as he has to care for his ailing mother across the country. Instead, the network hires a hot Australian who many not share Victoria's polish and eye for design, but is handy with a hammer and saw. While Victoria initially is incensed that such an un-classy guy would take the place of the ├╝ber-classy Neil, she eventually starts to realize the chemistry between herself and Russ, which can only help the show.

This was a thoroughly entertaining book. The witty sarcasm and barbs that go between Victoria and Russ - both in front of the camera and when no one is watching - made me laugh out loud. When my kids were young, I remember watching a renovation show on HGTV with a male and female hosting team;; their dialogue was cringe-inducing. I wish Victoria and Russ were a real show!

I give this book three hearts. It's not going to make you ponder life's idiosyncrasies, but it will send you on a quest for some great shoes. (For the record, I got the shoes. And five other pairs. I said: it was a REALLY bad day! But I did feel better by the time I got home. :-)

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